Custom OpenVPN GUI Pro Edition is a openvpn client application for windows users. Also it is a replacement for your old openvpn GUI looks. It helps to built your own openvpn GUI with your company brand name. Currently pro edition support dynamic server list feature and also possible to add (or) delete any server remotely. It support almost unlimited servers to list and connect! 


– Flat Win GUI Style [Blue]
– Support OpenVPN TCP & UDP protocol
– Support unlimited servers
– Dynamic server list [Fetch data from your server]
– Add (or) delete any server remotely
– Also support offline server list
– Count sent and received data
– TAP Error Detector
– Automatically fix TAP Errors
– Inbuilt pinging of any domains
– ComboBox with flat country icon’s
– Shows status of each actions (eg. Auth Failed, TimeOut, Connected etc)
– Social media icons
– Inbuilt Custom Log File Viewer
– Automatic VPN startup (Start at Windows Startup)
– Custom landing page
– System tray notification
– Update notification to users
– Remotely push latest news

Demo :-

Download :-   Click Here To Download