Hello Friends, Today I`m Gonna Share A Latest Working Trick Of How to Delete Facebook ID in One Report.

Question :- What is Facebook Report ?

Answer :- Facebook Report is a Provided Service of Facebook Users To Report Someone
          Profile Who doing Illigle Activities, Spamming, Abusing Or ETC. You Can
          Do Report That Id. In This Process If Numbers Of Reports Will be Send
          Then After Facebook will Review Id and Delete It.
Question :- What is Benefit Of Report  ?

Answer :- There is Main Benefit is You Can Delete anyone`s ID Who is Doing Inappropriate Activities.
Question :- What is The Process Of Report  ?

Answer :- Goto Desire Id Which You Want to Report. Click On Report >> Click On 
          Options Which type You want to Report it. Last Click On Done.

Let`s This was A Trick To Delete Someone Facebook ID In ONE Report.

Trick :- 
  • First Of All Open A Victim Facebook ID And Copy All Details Like Name , Profile Picture , Birth-date , Studies , College , University , Work Info , Interest , Bio ETC Which You See In Victim`s Profile Just Copy or Mark It Perfectly.
  • Now Create New Fake Facebook Account Of Victim`s Same Name and Fill-up all same Details As Victim`s Account Match.  
  • Now Open Your Original Account And Goto Victim`s Profile And Click On Report.
  • In Report Click On “It`s pretending to be me or some one i know” And Click On Submit and after Click On “Me”. Yeahh It`s Done.
  • If You Filled Info is Matched As Victim`s Details Then Reported ID Will Delete In Some Minutes.