How To Verify Facebook Account For Proof Verification 10000% Work

=> First Change Name & DOB To A real Proof’s Name & DOB(optional).

=> But Remember NAME & DOB because its must be match in Profile and Proof. 

=> Now Copy The Whole Messages And Send To Any Body…

Thanks for contacting us. The form you submitted is for people who can’t log into Facebook because their accounts have been disabled, but it looks like your account is active.
If you think this is a mistake and you see a red box that says your account has been disabled when you try to log in, please resubmit this form using the email address on your account:
https://www.facebook.c om/help/contact /260749603972907 /?ref=cr
If you’re writing for a friend whose account has been disabled, please have your friend submit the form above using the email address on their own account.
You can also find answers to common problems in the Help Center.
If you’re having trouble with your password or logging in:
https://www.facebook.c om /help/login_and_passwor d/?ref=cr
If your account is posting spam or you think it’s been hacked:
https://www.facebook.c om/help/security/?ref=cr
If you can’t use a feature (ex: send messages or friend requests):
https://www.facebook.c om /help/11639319844674 9/?ref=cr
If you have another issue, please search the Help Center for more information:
https://www.facebook.c om/help/?ref=cr
Please note that we can’t respond to replies to this email.
View updates from your Support Inbox: /28QqPy3XxcGpR2s
The Facebook Team

=> Remove Space Between Links…Check Properly After Send Someone.

=> Your ID Will Get Blocked And Will Ask For Proof..

=> Upload Your Proof And Wait For Open ID Then Enjoy….
Visit Daily…

Note :- This Tutor Is Only Education Or Fun Purpose Only , I`m Not Responsible For Any Harm and used for Illigle Purpose.