Rent Car System ASP.NET Full Project Download

Rent Car System ASP.NET Full Project Download

The objective of Rent Car System is to provide a system to the user to keep records of the car that was rented and also to the customer to get to know the information about the cars available to be rented for travelling. This is a online project. The system will maintain all the records of the customer, details of the car rented, details of the driver who are driving the car for s particular customer and the total income and the total outcome paid for driver and for car expense like fuel, gas etc. The system is easy to use and any normal user can understand the system by looking through it. A database is required to save the records and accordingly different types of reports will be generated from this software.
Scope: This system is useful to save the records systematically rather than manually. The customer can book and rent the car online. The system can be used 24×7, anywhere anytime without more effort.
The software to be produced is on “Rent Car System”. This is an online project and it can be used from any corner of the world. There are 2 different users. First is the Admin or the authorized person who owns this business and second user is the customer who wants the car for rent. Initially the admin saves all the car details available, to be rented. There is a special master called as driver master where all the details of the driver who are working for that company and their personal information will be saved into the database. Their salary so far paid is also saved.
Next is the customer part of using the system. Initially the customer must get onto the rented car website. If he/she wants to rent a car, they must first register by providing their personal details and they can choose their own username and password to login to the system. If they provide their email or contact number, any information regarding the company or any offers will be sent to the customers contact id. They must first enter the origin place from where they have to be picked and the destination place, to where they need to drop. As soon as they enter it, the cars with certain quotation will be displayed. These quotations for a certain place will saved in the database by the admin. There will be more than one quotation available along with particular car. After choosing any one out it, they must click on Rent car along with the date when the customer will be travelling. This notification will be displayed to the admin. He first checks for the driver who is available on that date. The driver will get message. The customer can pay the amount online. The amount will be directly credited to admin’s account. From that amount, certain amount of commission or salary will be paid to the driver.
Considering all these different kind of reports can be generated. The amount paid by all customers on certain month can be generated. Reports on the amount paid to the driver. Reports on the amount spent for the car and other expense etc. Reports on loss and pay will be generated.
Modules of the software:
Login: Admin has their own username and password by default. If he/she wants to give the system authority to another person, he can provide username and password to them.
Registration: For the customer to login to the system, they need to register first.
Master: There are different masters available which can be added, edited or deleted only by the admin. Driver master is used to enter the driver details. Car master is used to enter the car details. Place master contains the different places. Quotation master is used to enter different quotations for different origin and destination places.
Salary: The salary of the driver will be calculated in this module.
Renting a Car: Depending upon the different quotations, the customer can choose any one of it and can send the same to the admin. Depending on the available driver, the travelling plan will be fixed.
Notification: Any offers available for a car will be sent to the customers emailed or a message notification will be sent to the customer’s mobile number.
Reports: Customer paid amount reports, customer pending amount report, driver’s salary paid report, car expense report, loss and gain report yearly or monthly can be generated.
• The user can search for a particular car and their quotations easily through the system.
• Less paper work.
• Database is maintained.
• User friendly
• Less Space
 Processor: Intel dual core or above
 Processor Speed:1.0GHZ or above
 RAM: 1 GB RAM or above
 Hard Disk: 20 GB hard disk or above
Language: ASP.Net
Database: SQL Server 2008
The customer can easily get the information of the car that can be rented for to reach their destination place through Rent Car system. Database is maintained in a certain amount of span. Paper work is less and amount of time is saved to rent a car. The system is very easy to use and the system is error free. Demo is not available so make your own it.




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