1st of all you need opera mini browser in mobile

Open opera mini browser and open facebook from it-
Now Fill out the basic details like Name , Date of Birth and Password.
In Gender always select FEMALE

Now the in the Mail box  
Visit this link – Click here and enter any username of your choice and Choose any domain from it (Eg .

Now copy that fake Email you just made on and paste it in the Facebook Mail box

Now Proceed further it will ask you to verify you account by the Confirmation Email

Now you have to Open Temp-Mail Tab and Refresh it. In that you will see a Mail from Facebook open it and copy Confirmation code to verify your account.
  1. Done your 1st fake facebook account is Ready to use.

Now to create 2nd and unlimited fake facebook accounts for gaana

  • Clear data and cache of opera mini browser
  • Use donkeyguard app and change values of opera mini
  • change android id with android id changer
  • change ip and also if needed
  • and every time choose diff. domain in temp-mail
  • done

NOTE :- Tricks provided only meant for fun purpose. I( am not responsible for any further harm or any issues.