WHMCS 6.2.0

Name :- WHMCS
Version :- 6.2.0
Date Of Added :- 19.01.2016
Layout :- N/A

WHMCS 6.2.0 Changelog


CORE-7614 (#5070) – Do not perform entity encoding of EPP codes
CORE-8906 – Do not show reserved .uk domains as available in domain checker
CORE-9171 – Prevent completed To-Do items showing in Due Items Calendar Widget
CORE-9214 – Show domain availability results on Standard Cart when referred by domain ordering integration code
CORE-9346 – Highlight “Renew Domain” option in Actions sidebar on domain renewal page
CORE-9347 – Highlight “View Cart” option in Actions sidebar on domain renewal page
CORE-9356 – Do not display Print and CSV download options in Batch PDF Invoice Export
CORE-9358 – Make hard-coded language strings translatable in client profile and add order
CORE-9364 – Fix tab navigation in client profile after using table pagination dropdown
CORE-9367 – Prevent renewal orders for domains that don’t meet domain renewal minimum term
CORE-9371 – Fix erroneous error message when searching for IDN with IDNs disabled by admin
CORE-9388 – Update whois servers for .es
CORE-9391 – Improve wording of invoice overdue sidebar
CORE-9396 – Update whois server for .cat
CORE-9414 – Fix uncaught exception in Website SSL Health Check
CORE-9417 – Provide ability to manage articles when browsing knowledgebase by tag
CORE-9421 – WHMCS Connect: Load CSS fonts via a secure connection to prevent warnings
CORE-9431 – Fix admin area alerts icon alignment issue in certain browsers
CORE-9432 – Add config file flag to disable hook inclusion
CORE-9443 – Fix ReCaptcha failing under certain conditions


MODULE-6317 – USA ePay: Make Test Mode option to connect to sandbox
MODULE-6340 – eWay Tokens: Do not round TotalAmount


CORE-8969 – Hungarian translation additions and improvements
CORE-9236 – Add Hebrew Admin Language Translation
CORE-9413 – Correct spelling mistake in French language file

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 Domain Management
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Integrated Support Tools
Built-in Support Tools including Announcements, Knowledgebase & a Fully Featured Support Ticket System
Recurring Invoicing
Generate one time invoices on the fly or effortlessly bill your customers on a recurring basis
Account Provisioning
We integrate with control panels such as cPanel, Plesk, SolusVM and more so you can pick which works best for you
Domain Management
Buy, transfer, renew and manage domains in real-time without ever leaving your website – all transparently
Integrated Help Desk
Built-in help desk software including a fully featured ticket system, knowledgebase and announcements section